David Hwang

David Hwang

Professor of Applied Science

Research Focus:

Experimental Plasma Physics

Contact Information:

Web: Research Group Web Page
Office: 225 Walker Hall (Davis Site)
Office: 19 Hertz Hall (Livermore Site)


B.S., E.E.& Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1973); M.S., Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology (1974); Ph.D., Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology (1978); Research Assoc., PPPL, Princeton University (July 1978 – June 1980); Research Staff, PPPL, Princeton University (July 1980 – October 1982); UC Regents Lecturer, UCLA (December 1984); Physics Coordinator. Of ICRF Experiments, Princeton University (October 1982 – June 1985); Physicist Head (PI) of RF., Princeton University (October 1983 – June 1985); Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, (July 1985 -2001); Professor, Department of Applied Science, (July 1985 – Present)

Teaching and Instructions:

EAD 280A,B Plasma Physics Quarters Fall, Spring 2006

Research Interests:

Main areas of experimental research include tokamak physics, electromagnetic interaction between plasma waves and plasma particles, plasma diagnostic in fusion devices, tokamak fueling with accelerated compact toroids, non-neutral plasmas. Theoretical interests include computer modeling of magnetized plasmas, non-linear interaction of plasma waves

Recent Publications:

D. Q. Hwang, R. D. Horton, S. Howard, R. W. Evans, and S. E. Brockington, “Advances in CTIX Accelerator Study” Submitted to Journal of Fusion Energy (2006)

Stephen Howard, D. Q. Hwang, R. D. Horton, R. W. Evans, and S. E. Brockington, “Method of Reconstructing a Moving Pulse” To be submitted (2006)

Robert D. Horton, David Q. Hwang, and Russell W. Evans,”Observation of Poloidal Field Amplification in a Passively Switched Coaxial Compact Toroid Accelerator” To be submitted (2006)

Papers based on Thesis: “Interaction Dynamics of High Reynolds Number Magnetized Plasma Flow on the CTIX Plasma Accelerator” , Howard, S. PhD Thesis, UC Davis (2006)
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Brockington, S. J. E., R. D. Horton, D. Q. Hwang, R. W. Evans, and S. J. Howard, Y. C. F. Thio “Plasma density gradient measurement using laser deflection” Review of Scientific Instruments 76, 063503 (2005)

K. L. Baker, D. Q. Hwang R. W. Evans, R. D. Horton, H. S. McLean, S. D. Terry, S. Howard, C. J. DiCaprio “Compact Toroid Dynamics in the Compact Toroid Injection Experiment” Nucl. Fusion 42 (2002) pg. 94-99

K. L. Baker, D. Q. Hwang R. W. Evans, R. D. Horton, H. S. McLean, S. D. Terry, “Observation of pinching in the compact toroid injection experiment:Implication for a plasma opening switch: App.Phys. Lett. 79 #9 (2001) pg. 1237-1239

D.Q. Hwang, H.S. McLean a , K.L. Baker, R.W. Evans,
R.D. Horton, S.D. Terry, S. Howard, G.L. Schmidt “Interaction of a spheromak-like compact toroid with a high beta spherical tokamak plasma” Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 40, No. 5 (2000) pg. 897-905

S. D. Terry, D. Q. Hwang, H. S. McLean, R. D. Horton, R. W. Evans, and K. L. Baker
“The Compact Toroid Injection Experiment tomographic imaging system” Review OF Scientific Instruments 71, # 11 November (2000)

D. Q. Hwang, M. Ryutova, and H. McLean, “Penetration of a compressible magnetized plasma object into a low beta target plasma” Physics Of Plasmas, 6, #5 (1999)

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