V. Rao Vemuri

V. Rao Vemuri

Professor of Applied Science
Professor of Computer Science

Research Focus:

Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

Contact Information:

Web: Research Group Web Page
Office: 18 Hertz Hall (Livermore Site)
Office: 236 Walker Hall (Davis Site)


Professor, B. E. Electrical Engineering, (1958); Ph.D., Engineering, UCLA, (1968); Assistant Professor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (1970-73); Associate Professor, SUNY, Binghamton, NY (1973-81); Sub Project Manager, TRW, Redondo Beach (1981-86)

Teaching and Instructions:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Research Interests:

Application of Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to a variety of problems including Modeling and Simulation, Pattern Matching, User Modeling, Data Fusion, Computer Security, Computer Games and Web-based Applications.

Titles of some recent papers in the mill indicate the nature of the work being done

(with Vu Dao) A Performance Comparison of Different Back Propagation Neural Networks Methods in Computer Network Intrusion Detection

(with Yihua Liao) Use of k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Intrusion Detection

(with Khalerd Labib) NSOM: A Real-Time Network-Based Intrusion Detection System Using Self-Organizing Maps

(with Roger Tilley) A Radial Basis Function Approach to Pattern Recognition and Its Applications to Intrusion Detection

(with ?Kuowei Huang) Security Vulnerabilities in a Broadband Fixed-point Wireless Network

(with Daniel Castaneda et al ) Computational Intelligence in Strategy Games

(with Dustin Puim) Evolving a Neural Network that can Learn to Play Checkers Without Being Told the Rules of the Game.

(with K. Fidelis, et al) Applying Rule Based Classifiers to Protein Fold Recognition
(with Jian Wang et al) Improved Approaches for Cost-Effective Traffic Grooming in WDM Ring Networks: ILP Formulations, Single-Hop and Multihop Connections

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