Gregory H. Miller

Gregory H. Miller

Professor of Applied Science

Research Focus:

Shock Physics and Numerical Methods

Contact Information:

Office: 1033 Academic Surge


Ph.D. California Institute of Technology (1990)

Teaching and Instructions:

Mathematical Methods, EAD 205;
Numerical Methods, EAD 210;
Topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics, EAD 230.

Research Interests:

My research interests involve the solution of physics and engineering problems through:

  1. the design of mathematical models and numerical methods;
  2. the construction of constitutive equations;
  3. the numerical solution of the resulting systems; and
  4. the analysis of experimental, theoretical, and computational results.

Problems of realistic complexity and scale often involve supercomputing on massively parallel architectures. As an example, consider the question “What are the risks of injury to workers in the neighborhood of an electrical arc accident?” Industrial safety practices provide approximate, but sometimes erroneous, rules of thumb. Computations in 3D of the Euler or MHD equations, with interior incompressible boundaries to represent walls and equipment, show how conditions hazardous to personnel can occur in unexpected places. These simulations may lead to improved designs and safety practices.

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