Yin Yeh

Yin Yeh


Professor of Applied Science

Research Focus:

Using physical techniques to study the dynamics of biological processes at the molecular level.

Contact Information:

Web: Research Group Web page
Office: 3009 EU III


1956 – 1960 B.S., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
1960 – 1965 Ph.D., Physics, Columbia University,
1965 – 1966 Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia Radiation Laboratory, New York, NY,
1966 – 1972 Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA,
1972 – present Assoc. Prof., Professor, Dept. of Applied Science, UCD, Davis, CA
1998 – present Executive Committee, Graduate Group in Biophysics, UC Davis
2002 – present Associate Director for Science, Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology, UC Davis
2005 – present Chair, Designated Emphasis in Biophotonics, UC Davis


Roche Foundation Fellow (1980), AAAS Fellow, (1992), JSPS Fellow, (2000)

Research Interests:

Molecular motors – Molecular mechanisms associated with muscle contractility, motility, and molecular motors (myosin-actin, kinesin-microtubule, DNA motors -DNA). The techniques employed include optical microscopy and spectroscopy, light scattering (dynamic and Raman), ellipsometry, optical trapping and many aspects of fluorescence microscopy (TIRF, confocal, FCS, FRET, Antibunching).

Biomineralization and biomimetics – This area covers the topics of antifreeze protein – ice as well as amino acid – calcite interfaces. The techniques used are scanning force microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance (solution and solid state), surface-sensitive nonlinear optical spectroscopy, and molecular dynamics simulation.

Cellular signaling mechanisms – This area includes protein aggregation on membranes for the purpose of intra- and intercellular signaling for functions. We use optical and scanning microscopy methods to investigate the dynamics of organization structures on cell membranes.

Relevant publications:

Bianco, P.R., Brewer, L.R., Corzett, M., Balhorn, R., Yeh, Y. Kowalczykowski, S.C., & Baskin, R.J., Processive translocation and DNA unwinding by individual RecBCD enzyme molecules, Nature 409: 374-378, 2001.

Zepeda, S., Orme, C., & Yeh, Y. Atomic force microscope chamber for in situ studies of ice. Rev. Sci. Instru., 72:4159-4163, 2001.

Tsvetkova, N.M., Phillips, B.L., Krishnan, V.V., Feeney, R.E., Fink, W.H., Crowe, J.H., Risbud, S.H., Tablin, F. & Yeh, Y., Dynamics of antifreeze glycoproteins in the presence of ice. Biophys. J. 82:464-473, 2002.

Noy, A., Zepeda, S., Orme, C.A., Yeh, Y. & De Yoreo, J.J., Entropic barriers in nanoscale adhesion studied by variable temperature chemical force microscopy. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125: 1356-1362, 2003.

Nguyen, D.H., Colvin, M.E., Yeh, Y., Feeney, R.E. & Fink, W.H., Intermolecular interaction studies of winter flounder antifreeze protein reveal the existence of thermally accessible binding states. Biopolymers, 75: 109-117, 2004.

Samantha Fore, Ted Laurence, Yin Yeh, Rod Balhorn, Christopher W. Hollars, Monique Cosman, Thomas Huser, Distribution analysis of the photon correlation spectroscopy of discrete numbers of dye-molecules conjugated to DNA, IEEE J. Selected Topics in Qu. Electronics, 11:873-880, 2005.

Lincoln, J.E., Boling, M, Parikh, A., Yeh, Y., Gilchrist, D.G., & Morse, L.S., Fas signaling induces apoptotic raft formation in human RPE cells that is blocked by chloresterol depletion. (In press, Investig. Ophthalmology and Vision Science, 2006)

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